Magician by Raymond E. Feist

by Raymond E. Feist

5 of 5 stars

April 30 to May 11, 2013
This is truly one of the best books of its genre. I found it thoroughly enjoyable throughout. With a complex and intriguing storyline, a wide range of fascinating characters and a truly epic finale!! I could not put this down for the last few hundred pages. There were points where you could shout out how brilliant it is. My favourite quote being ‘Tremble and despair, for I am power.’ If you have read you will understand. The progression of the 2 young boys Pug and Tomas throughout this book is incredible, as well as featuring many other brilliant characters. It just all comes together perfectly.

So I have put off this book for sometime because of its release being a few years before I was born and mixed reviews, particularly LOTR comparison, rip off etc etc. Is this because it has elves and dwarves? I dont really see any comparison other than the fact that most fantasy books have a clear Tolkien foundation as he was the first major recognised author to write this style of books. Which is fair enough he clearly had an amazing imagination. Personally I would say this is better than LOTR, take out all the songs and long passages of yawn, you get a bit closer to this brilliant book.

Whether I will be reading the whole Riftwar series, I dont know, I would love to, but with so many others to read I may not find the time, a bit like the wheel of time which Im sure is also very good. Unfortunately there are always going to be too many more books to read!! But this as a stand alone novel is perfect fantasy. I am very keen to read Magicians End, so if any kind fans of the riftwar series could let me know if this is as good as a stand alone or just pick the best ones I would be grateful.

As well as reading this amazing book I got the opportunity to meet R E Feist at a book signing, who I have to say was one of the friendliest and nicest peeople you could ever meet!!

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