Whilst building my site, I am always on the check out for best price comparison, new releases and links that I hope will actually appeal to my viewers. When I came across a string of pre-orders for 2016-2017. They were not easy to find the 5 titles but I tracked them down. Apparently they are HarperVoyager slipcase editions. So we have already had these enigmas produced in 2011.

[amazon asin=B00SLSVHSW&template=iframe image]

Which have rocketed in value, I made £400 profit on the first edition I sold. The main reason I did sell was purely the fact that I did not want to pay £300+ for Clash. As the first 2 were impossible to get whilst amazon was selling Storm, Feast & Dance for £25 each. Even the last 3 books are going £100+ now. This is why I usually prefer the originals to the deluxe copies, as the first print, first edition is the original no matter what, even if the cover art does get changed. These are just the UK editions so far.

But as a collector I keep my eyes peeled. These links below have different International Standard Book Numbers than the Voyager Song of Ice and Fire slipcases from 2011. GoT 2011 (978-0-00-744142-6) GoT 2016 (978-0008115401) Will they just be a reissue or will they in fact be a new style of slipcases that you will be able to have an entire matching set of 7 (or who knows 8) books?

[amazon asin=0008115400&template=iframe image][amazon asin=0008115419&template=iframe image][amazon asin=0008115427&template=iframe image][amazon asin=0008115435&template=iframe image][amazon asin=0008115443&template=iframe image]

Yes, they are £75 each, but if you pre-order, you are likely to get them up to anything half that each with Amazon pre-order promise. Though I cannot guarantee that I am just speaking from past experience.

It was only a few weeks ago I orderered

[amazon asin=1101965487&template=iframe image]

Which are already mysteriously unavailable??

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