Gollancz Festival 2015 hits epic heights in its second year (Part 2/2)

Continued from Part 1 After some red wine & audio clip listening we were treated to some insight on being published from Marcus Gipps & Paul McAuley, whilst room 2 were catching up. Some tips included;

  • When searching for an agent do your research and find one that has worked with books you have enjoyed reading.
  • Find an agent that connects with your work and is passionate about it.
  • Be confident, but don’t be arrogant even if you feel it is ready to print.


4:15 – 4:45 Mark Alder // AK Benedict // Paul Cornell // Joanne Harris // Adam Roberts // Edward Cox STRANGER THAN HISTORY, THE REAL HISTORY INSPIRED THEIR FICTION

I’m not too sure Paul Cornell was ready for this one as he did not know he was chairing it, lets just say the conversation may have strayed but made for a few extra laughs.

I was glad to be made aware of A K Benedict’s book Beauty of Murder which we were told is about a Time Travelling serial killer. Sounds awesome, not that that is like a good thing, but I like the concept.

[amazon asin=1409103927&template=iframe image]

Labrysp4aEdward Cox also joined in this discussion, last year he was on the newbie chair looking rather nervous. This year a man gleaming in confidence, who is in the process of sending in the draft for his third & final book of The Relic Guild trilogy. He gave some great advice about finding the right functionality for your town where your book is based, maybe looking to your home town, which he did. Talking us through plotting portals & the focus of The Relic Guild, the Labyrinth. Ed made an interesting discovery whilst researching Labyrinths, that the word derives from the Greek word Labrys which means double headed axe, which of course has another meaning altogether.

And if you haven’t already get reading The Relic Guild it’s fantastic, just £1.99 on Kindle [amazon asin=B00J8K6JVM&template=iframe image]

I will also be putting up for sale a rare signed & numbered x150 copy for sale in me shop, only because I have a spare. Ed has personalised my own which I will keep treasured, he is an absolute gentleman, he always welcomes new fans with open arms @EdwardCox10

So back to the bizarre context of this discussion….

My descriptions of lycanthropy basically come from my experiences as a teenager with magic mushrooms.

-Mark Alder

Mark Alder also spoke about his superb book Son of the Morning which is simply as Adam Roberts quote on the back ‘A Masterpiece.’ A historical fantasy that is set during the hundred years war where kings are allied with not only men but angels and demons.  A Book Worm gives a fantastic review.

As promised I have a #giveaway which I am excited about. Mark kindly had a copy sent from the publisher of this epic 731 page book which deserves a huge audience in preparation Banners of Blood: book 2 ‘Son of the Night’ which you can pre-order now (these are a huge boost for authors and helps with the costs to get the book published & on sale.)

[amazon asin=0575115203&template=iframe image]

& there is finally a hardcover being released in the US but available on Amazon UK for the time being.

[amazon asin=1605989509&template=iframe image]

AND 1x runner up will receive an Exclusive preview of The Fireman by Joe Hill (The first 35 pages)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


If you are unsure of any of the entry terms mail me at admin@thefantasybookcollector.com or tweet me @kvothe1984 there is a picture of me & Joe Hill getting our metal horns out m/


4:45 – 5:15 Joe Hill // Pat Cadigan // Edward Cox // Paul McAuley // Jon Wallace PREDICTIONS OF THE FUTURE IN SF, IS THE APOCALYPSE INEVITABLE?

My main focus here was always on Joe Hill, his work is terrifying but as a person he’s hilarious but in that unintentional crazy way, totally appeals to me. I love him but kind of envy him, growing up with the King as your dad. I was really  hoping to get in some questions but they were not really appropriate to the theme. When I was young King was my favourite writer, whilst Hill is up there for me with Rothfuss & Brandon (obviously a totally different style.) I don’t get scared at movies (okay maybe one when I was like 12, Burnt Offerings, Oliver Reed was just so freaky as that chauffeur.) or books, i’ve seen & read so many you become immune (part of the reason I moved from horror to fantasy.) but Joe’s books are genuinely creepy, the tone he sets is unique, there is no where to hide everywhere is kind of messed up. I highly recommend him for a read around halloween.

Joe’s favourite apocalypse-

Movie 220px-Miracletheatrical  Book Richard_Adams_WatershipDown

& total disaster One_Direction_documentary_heading_for_Channel_4

People are dying of spontaneous combustion all over the planet…

which sounds cool.

Joe Hill on The Fireman

Discussion about the apocalypse was really cool, in this genre it’s a great situation to be in as an author, as humans evolved from apes we like survival, it thrills us, it keeps readers engaged, on the edge of their seats.

You can make a canoe out of bones & human flesh

Joe Hill

Joe believes the way to ensure survival of the human race is to timer set to go off in 800 years which involves the seed of Keith Richards & the Queen of England. (Please note – I left the squirt part out of this conversation.)

According to morphthing.com we would all look like this



 5:15 – 5:45 Joe Abercrombie // Jaine Fenn // MG Harris // Simon Ings // Chris Wooding THEY SAID IT WOULD NEVER WORK, BUT IT DID(N’T)

Afterwards we were taken down for a mass signing, mass it was, especially the queue for Brandon who kindly still allowed everyone to ask a question & signing 600-700 books at a guess. I had UK 1st/1st of Way of Kings & Words of Radiance, Alloy of Law & Shadows of Self which you can see in Part 1 & hopefully in my collection when I get some free time. I didn’t ask Brandon if he burns tin to write so fast or if he is in fact an allomancer. I did speak to him briefly about how he manages to 3 different complex storylines? He told me he has created a Wiki bank to store all the information to refer to when writing. I’m guessing it is The Copper Mind Wiki  Regardless this man is a genius a master of contemporary fantasy with in the words of the man himself

Just a little more science.

Cathedral of known things – Edward Cox

Joe Abercrombie – Half the World ARC. Still looking for the golden Half the War ARC, saw a lady there with it. None have turned up on any sites lately. I’m not reading Book 3 until I have it.

Joe Hill

going nicely with my other bits

A huge thank you to Gollancz, Waterstones Piccadilly & all of the authors who made this possible. Until next year as Joe would say… Rock ‘n’ Roll Me & Joe


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6 thoughts on “Gollancz Festival 2015 hits epic heights in its second year (Part 2/2)

    1. Its in the same ball park as Shining Girls but the tone is quite different. Its almost like a cross between a cosy mystery and horror with the scifi/time travel side being fairly non technical. The main character is quite good and the villain of the piece is great


  1. I read Beauty of Murder last year and I would definitely recommend it. The book was really enjoyable and Benedict’s concept is brilliant.


  2. That Locke and Key boxset is gorgeous! Wish I hadn’t read it already…could convince myself it was worth the cost then.

    Also wish I could have gone, looks fun!


    1. Yes it certainly was, he is such a great guy to meet. Locke & Key is the only JH i’ve not read, so i’m really looking forward to it. I got the boxset on Amazon for £48 but it seems to have disappeared now. The dramatised audiobook is on there free, got to be worth a download.


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