A Game of Thrones or A Song of Ice and Fire, as I like to call it.

WARNING THERE MAY BE SPOILERS, I suggest if you have not read the books yet to um…….. READ THEM.

Ive briefly mentioned ‘The Kingkiller Chronicles’ & no modern fantasy blog can even begin without mentioning ‘A Game of Thrones’ or ‘A Song of Ice & Fire’ as I like to call it. For me Game of Thrones now refers to the HBO series & the latter seems more for the book readers. I have so many mixed feelings about Game of Thrones. Because however I put it I will always be a hypocrite. First I would like to say I am part of the ‘Saw the first few episodes of the tv series, bought the books & read them over 6 months.’ For book readers this must have been the most popular option as the rise in book sales was huge. I appreciate there is a following who started them in 1996 (I was only 12) & have read them on release, man I feel really sorry for you. I mean nearly 20 years, thats insane. The wheel of time was done in 20 years & thats 14 books & probably sooner had Robert Jordan not passed away.

Game of Thrones 1996 A Song of Ice & Fire Book 1 First Edition Hardback Harper Voyager.
Game of Thrones 1996
A Song of Ice & Fire Book 1
First Edition Hardback Harper Voyager.
2014-10-14 12.30.41
Signed at Forbidden Planet London in person


So like many of the readers who picked the books up at this time became instant hypocrites, yelling at  the tv, ‘its not like that in the books.’ Yeah thats me.

I managed to get a First Edition of Game of Thrones from ebay a few years ago, I had been looking a while & either found they were always book club editions (stay away) or I would have to part £700 which I would not do. One popped up & looked in good condition so I just went straight for it & offered £125 buy it now, he accepted with a tone of, you know its just an old fantasy book from like 20 years ago. So he was happy & so was I, sort of. I probably could have offered £25 & he would have been happy. But when it arrived I was really happy with the condition. Its a bit tanned probably nicotine stained. But tight binding & beautiful dustjacket, I love the artwork & wish they had kept it running through the whole series. The first 3 together on the shelf look stunning, proper epic fantasy covers.

As well as this I picked up a little HarperVoyager preview at 20x its original price which trust me I would not usually pay. Luckily its original price was 99p for a preview read.

For ages I wanted the deluxe edition ISBN 9780007441426 & eventually found a copy on amazon marketplace for £140 still sealed & had to choose one to sell. I chose the slipcase & bravely took the wrapping off to find its edition, it had a singular 1 there which made for a quick £600 sale on eBay to a buyer in Oz who was going to see Martin the following week.

2014-10-14 13.32.46I made the right choice, I love a good slipcase but a bit of original artwork will always win for me. I had slipcased Storm, Feast & Dance but Clash was going to cost close to £400. Something bothered me about the slipcases is that there were so few Thrones & Clash, but mass production of the next three which I will talk about in a later post. I also worry that HarperVoyager will not even complete the series in this edition, which is why I always stick with the First Editions as no matter what the covers are, matching or not, they are still a set of first editions.

2014-10-14 13.32.35

Last Thursday I was very lucky & did have the opportunity to talk about Game of Thrones down at the  beautiful offices of HarperCollins to help with some app development with 5 other hardcore fans. You  can imagine 90 minutes for 6 fans to tell someone who is ‘apparently’ not familiar with A Song of Ice and Fire or Game of Thrones. Yeah we could of spoke for 90 hours let alone 90 minutes, I felt I may have been rude & interrupted a number of times, it wasn’t intentional, my brain is just holding a wealth of information that I can only really discuss & embrace with hardcore readers. We started about an hour before the focus group in the waiting area, it was great to hear everyones views. If any of you happen to stumble across my blog, please say hi. We were also very lucky to get an exclusive look at the amazing ‘World of Ice & Fire’ which is a stunning book full of artwork, family trees & history. I was really impressed. Make sure you get a copy http://www.waterstones.com/waterstonesweb/products/george+r-+r-+martin/linda+antonsson/elio+m-+garcia/the+world+of+ice+and+fire/10841341/

http://www.waterstones.com/waterstonesweb/products/george+r-+r-+martin/linda+antonsson/elio+m-+garcia/the+world+of+ice+and+fire/10841341/imgres We painted a very good picture for how we believe the app should work & appeal to fans, more so the readers than watchers. So keep your eyes peeled for an official HarperVoyager app.

If you are a ‘Thronian’ here are some cool links.

For all your ASoIF needs – http://westeros.org/

GoT theme metal cover http://youtu.be/sYjuj3ggaKA

GoT hip hop https://soundcloud.com/catchthethrone

R+L=J: who are Jon Snow’s parents? http://youtu.be/kHqzFwodZqQ (This is probably the best theory out there as to where ASoIF is heading, although I confess I wish I had not watched it, its very good though.)

As well as getting my first edition signed, my daughter (as it was only one book each.) got the HarperVoyager Clothbound Classic signed which is an edition I could not refuse when it was released, its a beautiful cover that really works with the title & storyline & being a one off release for the first book & not having to collect another whole set made it so much more appealing. It even matches my stunning copy of magician http://wp.me/s56OwB-archives



My 4 year old daughter waited very patiently in the queue through the wind & rain & drew George a dragon & return was given a very special coin, made her day. Miss Pickleberry drew George a Dragon


Me, George & Miss Pickleberry at Forbidden Planet London.
Me, George & Miss Pickleberry at Forbidden Planet London.

A song of Ice & Fire is a huge subject here I have just touched on Book 1 Editions etc. I will add posts in the near future regarding editions of books 2-5.

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