Alice – Christina Henry

Alice by Christina Henry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Discovered via the Goodreads awards. Inspired by one of the greatest stories ever written. Christina Henry has twisted and mangled the story of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland to make a grim and terrifying story. Alice is set in a Victorian time period amongst characters that make Jack the Ripper look friendly.

After a fire occurs in the hospital, Alice and Hatcher finally manage to escape their bonds from the mental unit. She is understandably worried of her escape partner, a  man sectioned for his psychotic episodes leading him to murder victims with his hatchet. But amongst the lurking shadows of the old city where territories are lead by evil kingpins such as the sadistic walrus and the rabbit is intent on hunting her down. The original characteristics of each person brilliantly shines through her dark metamorphosis into human monsters. Most haunting of all is the terrifying Jabberwocky who needs to be stopped, to do so Alice needs to remember her past and find the skeletons in her closet that lead to her to hospital confinement.

A dark and very enjoyable fantasy horror. Looking forward to ‘The Red Queen’ out on 12th July 2016.


If you enjoyed this, I highly recommend Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland by Jonathon Green and fantastically illustrated by Kev Crossley. It’s a game storybook which is just as dark and twisted as well as being lots of fun for Wonderland fans.

If you are looking for a Signed Hardcover. I have one available in my shop.

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