Banished by Liz De Jager


I read it and shouted about it, then it was gone??

20150330_121754My partner sort of booknapped it, whilst her and then her friends read it, so my OCD about keeping my books all beautiful had to be kept on a tight leash, but I don’t mind because this book needs to be read by people, still not quite so sure how I felt when she took MY book to get signed by Liz at Fantasy in the Court, dedicated to… Yes you guessed it herself.

Anyway all was forgiven (after a few days) and I since contacted Liz when I knew we couldn’t make her signing at FP London to dedicate Vowed to my beloved for a surprise birthday gift. Here is my review on Banishedfrom last year. Go buy it, you can still get signed copies in FP or on FP FOR £5.99 and book 2 for £6.99.20150330_121810

Read from June 29 to July 01, 2014

Very impressed by this debut by Liz De Jager, the story is enthralling & enchanting throughout that you will just not want to put down. You are placed right in the action & taken on this dream ride where all your favourite fantasy characters & ideas are successfully packed together in this fast paced & gripping plot.

We are taken in this adventure through the eyes of Kit an untrained female Magician from the well known & respected family ‘the Blackharts’. Kit happens to save a fae prince from a group of goblins. Prince Thorn & Kit become an unlikely Pug & Tomas type team with just the right balance of chemistry between them. Kit has sworn to protect & return Prince Thorn back to his family & stop his evil usurping uncle summoning the previously banished destructive elder gods.

I cannot praise Liz enough for how well she has managed to combine so many loved fantasy myths & ideas & succeeded where so many have failed. It is packed with fae, trolls, goblins, cthulu type monsters and magic. There is none of this drippy, teen obsessed romance that makes you gag, thats often present female lead fantasy. Banished approaches things in a more mature, witty and sexy way.

“I just about prevent myself from laughing, but the information that coffee is basically faery Viagra just totally took the wind out of my sails.” 

If you are someone who just loves a good fantasy book you will love this whether you are male or female & 14 or 40. At £5.99 from most retailers & a signed copy currently available at forbidden planet for the same price (which unfortunately I did not see) it is a book which deserves to be in the spotlight & read by many more. I look forward to reading Vowed.


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