Fantasy books 2016 & Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland review

Hope you all had a fantasytic Christmas & have lots of new books to read. It was a tiring Christmas Eve for Lily Potter helping Santa deliver presents, eating carrots and maybe a bit too much rum…

Fantasy books 2016 to pre-order

Now the winds of winter have passed (sorry)… 2016 looks like another cracking year. Top of my list being final book in Brian Staveley’s Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne – The Last Mortal Bond (15th March). Others include the final book Judged (14th Jan) in Liz de Jager’s entertaining Blackheart Trilogy, which me and my partner adore, I still chuckle about Fairy Viagra when I make a coffee. Jen Williams final book in her epic trilogy The Silver Tide (25th Feb) following on from last years action packed Iron Ghost,  a modernisation of traditional and adventurous Tolkien fantasy but with less songs, more Feist and a little Pratchett. The third book to Den Patrick’s Erebus sequence – Girl on the Liar’s Throne (21st Jan), which has the stand out cover of the year for me so far. Incredibly talented female author Victoria (V.E.) Schwab has a YA release This Savage Song (7th June) as well as the follow up to the awesome Darker Shade of Magic with A Gathering of Shadows (23rd Feb) look out for the pictures at the London Underground (& me probably trying to peel one down to stick in my Lounge.)

All I need now is a release date from Mr Rothfuss for Day Three??

With the start of a new year comes a new release that should have appeal to every fantasy fan. I saw this on a Kickstarter campaign last year which I backed straight away knowing it would make an awesome Christmas present for Auri.

Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland by Jonathan Green, My rating: 5 of 5 stars, Amazon Review –

20160105_105948The children’s classic is twisted into a dark adult tale of horror and fear combined with gameplay which is adventurous and challenging, leaving Alice’s fate in your hands.

Me and partner thoroughly enjoyed doing this together whilst one reading the story and the other deciding on the choices and draw cards to battle and determine your fate during logic, agility and endurance tests. (you can use dice but we have a white rabbit bicycle deck which matches perfectly.) Our first game was played over 5 evenings for 1-2 hours ending with a grisly death, which personally makes me happy as we know that it will be a challenge to win – game on. (We do not often lose co-op games.)

The rules are straight forward, you need the book, 1 player, 2x 6 sided die or a pack of cards, a pen and a brain. If you do not want to write in your book, the guys sent out a pdf which you can download following this link 

As well as the story and gameplay there is some fantastic artwork throughout demonising and steampunking John Tenniel’s classic art.


[amazon asin=1909679593&template=iframe image][amazon asin=1909679828&template=iframe image]

& yes there is of course an awesome colouring book to match.

If you would really like a Signed Hardcover copy of Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland (like mine) I have one for sale here

The cards used are the Bicycle White Rabbit deck available from The Tinker’s Pack  The copy of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland is a special edition by Barnes and Noble & the other book in the heading is Alice by Christina Henry

[amazon asin=1435122941&template=iframe image][amazon asin=0425266796&template=iframe image]


If this takes your fancy, please check out my review of Alice by Christina Henry.

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