Half Wild by Sally Green

Well this book certainly lives up to its name ‘Half Wild’, only the other should maybe carry the name of its predecessor. 1428222604256-1738499675

The first half of Half Wild is really quite boring, uneventful and eventually even seems pointless as you reach the end. Nathan probably regrets the first 200 pages as much as I would rather forget them…

But keep turning those pages the wild half does eventually arrive as the continuation from the compelling and brilliant ‘Half Bad’ seems to finally commence as Nathan and Marcus are reunited and I have to say it was worth the wait, fast and frantic with a really worthy ending. So stick with it, you will be rewarded.

Sally Green is tackling much more here than a story about witches. Its  difficult for me to have an opinion on the love triangle from an adult pov, rather than a ‘young adult’ it’s great that it includes these ideas but I am not sure the way in which they are suggested is in fact appropriate for a YA age of what I would say is 12-16. Please correct me if I am wrong on the ages. The overall storyline is extremely dark and sombre, Nathan suffers bullying, neglect and abuse both physically and mentally as well as losing his mother to suicide at a young age. This unsurprisingly leaves a deeply scarred, negative and depressed protagonist which at times can be tough reading, particularly as a sufferer myself. Praise for Sally Green who addresses these issues. Let’s hope Nathans’ positive thinking eventually transform into a more positive future. 

Half Wild by Sally Green


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