Review of Zoe + the Demon Slayer by Neel Kay


admin-ajax.php-11.jpegKvothe1984 bought me this book simply because my name is Zoe and I’ve killed a lot of demons. Okay, that last bit was a lie, but my name is Zoe.

Zoe + the Demon Slayer is a fun read and full of quirky magical twists. A lot like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but much better!!

Buffy the vampire slayer

Zoe is 24 (I wish!) and bordering on becoming a full time spinster (just so you know, I am engaged and have two children). Zoe is traumatised by a strange out of body experience as a child, Zoe is searching for something in this life but she’s not sure what.

Follow Zoe on her journey through a not so normal life with not so normal companions into a world Zoe recognises through her obsession with a fantasy book series. Being one step away from a long stay in the madhouse (did I mention I have two kids?), Zoe must wrestle with her own inner demons and convince those closest to her that her childhood experience was in-fact real and she is the saviour of this realm.

This book is published independently through CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (16 Nov. 2014)

Zoe + the Demon Slayer by Neel Kay


Twenty-four year old book worm and blogger Zoe Graves was looking forward to the fourth and final instalment of her favourite book saga – The Augustin Chronicles. The evening was meant to be spent in line at the local bookstore with hundreds of other fans, getting the book, maybe even meeting the author, and ultimately spending the night with the dreamiest hero of them all, Lucien de Forest, and the love of his life, Noomi Augustin. 

But somewhere someone thought otherwise. 

Confused and hurt after a mugging by the bookstore, Zoe is somehow transported to another world, and suddenly finds herself in a snow-covered landscape

witnessing a bloody fight far away from the English summer, and is left to rely on the help from the rather reluctant Matis, who just happen to be out to kill none other than Lucien de Forest and Noomi Augustin. 

Although convinced she might be in some sort of limbo or maybe even in a coma, Zoe figures that her role in the story is to prevent Matis from killing her all-time favourite fictional couple. 

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