The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Russell Brand

Russell Brands's Trickster Tales illustrated by Chris Riddell
Russell Brands’s Trickster Tales illustrated by Chris Riddell

I am not usually a fan of Russell Brand, I find him a bit too hectic. But he really pulls off this retelling of the fairy tale ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’; there is buffoonery which can be relished by all.20150213_104706

‘Double-Dip Recession: Rich people have taken all the money and are making up excuses for why everyone else aint got none.’

Brand uses a fair bit of slang, which he sometimes uses footnotes to explain as well as a glossary.

‘Rumpus: Noisy trouble like smashing up your room is a rumpus.’

The way Brand has renovated this as a ‘Trickster Tale’ really works. Brand retells addressing important issues within today’s society, using its classic morals with relevant impact, which children & adults can relate to.

Not only is it fantastically written, it is beautifully illustrated by arguably the best illustrator out there Mr. Chris Riddell, a tremendous combination, I look forward to further books in this series. Made a great bedtime story for all.

The Pied Pier of Hamelin by Russell Brand, illustrated by Chris Riddell. Published by Atria Books on 11/11/14. 136 pages.


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