The Whitechapel Demon Review by Adam Selby-Martin


The Whitechapel Demon (The Adventures Of The Royal Occultist Book 1) by Josh Reynolds

Emby Press

Formed during the reign of Elizabeth I, the post of the Royal Occultist was created to safeguard the British Empire against threats occult, otherworldly, infernal and divine. 
It is now 1920, and the title and offices have fallen to Charles St. Cyprian. Accompanied by his apprentice Ebe Gallowglass, they defend the battered empire from the forces of darkness. 
In the wake of a séance gone wrong, a monstrous killer is summoned from the depths of nightmare by a deadly murder-cult. The entity hunts its prey with inhuman tenacity even as its worshippers stop at nothing to bring the entity into its full power… 
It’s up to St. Cyprian and Gallowglass to stop the bloodthirsty horror before another notch is added to its gory tally, but will they become the next victims of the horror guised as London’s most famous killer? 
In the tradition of William Hope Hodgson’s Carnacki the Ghost-Finder, Josh Reynolds presents the Adventures of the Royal Occultist. Join Charles St. Cyprian and Ebe Gallowglass as they race to halt the workings of a sinister secret society and put an end to the monstrous manifestation in THE WHITECHAPEL DEMON! 

“I was lucky enough to get to read this at Halloween last year, when Emby Press generously allowed it to be downloaded for free. I have 51NCdXxTphL._SX300_BO1,204,203,200_been a big fan of Mr Reynold’s work from Black Library, particularly his take on Gotrek and Felix and other areas (in particular, try and get hold of a copy of the OOP ‘Knights of the Blazing Sun’, which is a brilliant novel), but was interested to see how he developed an original IP with another publisher,

I wasn’t disappointed. This is a brilliant read! Following the character of Charles St. Cyprian, the latest in a long line of Royal Occultists (Boogeyman-Slayer by appointment to the Crown) and his long-suffering assistant Ebe Gallowglass, we see them try and track down the cause of a series of grisly murders that worryingly bear the hallmark of a certain hopefully-deceased serial killer who liked to prey on young ladies.

Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie December 2001 Dressed as Jeeves and Wooster. Mirrorpix/Courtesy Everett Collection (MPWA3842683_2)

It’s a cracking story, to use a phrase, and doesn’t slow down very much – you don’t got more than a few pages without a punch-up or the duo chasing (or being chased) by the ghostly Ripper, and it leads to a great conclusion. The characters are well-written and nicely varied; we get to see the rapport between the debonair St. Cyprian and the slightly mysterious Gallowglass (a real Jeeves and Wooster relationship), and the society that raises (only partially-successfully) the Ripper are a bunch of caddish upper-class types who quickly get over their heads in trouble, and are sufficiently evil-like that it’s a pleasure to see them come to their various demises. But for me the real stand-out character, and the most memorable, was the Ripper itself. I don’t want to spoil the story too much, but the author really developed the character well, creating an intriguing killer – an apex predator, a very shark-like beast from beyond the void. I hope that there is some way that Mr Reynolds can bring it back for another round with the Royal Occultist in a future book.

In summary – great plot, interesting, varied characters, and a setting I want to read more in. Go get a copy!”

5/5 @Skinny878

Joshua M. Reynolds is a freelance writer of moderate skill and exceptional confidence. He has written quite a bit, and some of it was even published. For money. By real people. 

Feel free to stop by his blog, Hunting Monsters and cast aspersions on his character.

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