Wow 2016 has already been such a great year for books. I have also had some great buys and sales. I had to let go my most valuable Harry Potter book. A first edition/print of Prisoner of Azkaban 2nd state for £375 which I paid £80 for, so a good profit, nevertheless that was a Potter relic especially with so many dodgy copies on eBay.

I was a grumpy after the sale until the saved search of Gollancz UK Hardcover of The Name of the Wind alert beeped. Seller had advertised at £200, made a best offer of £175 which was kindly accepted and arrived the next day. I have searched high and low for this book this really is as rare as Unicorn s**t. Ive seen a few bashed up copies even one trying to sell a messy reclothed copy for over £200. A decent copy would set you back £700 and even they do not show up often. The copy I received was in very good condition with a signed bookplate, this is fine, I prefer flat signed but I am still very happy.

$_57-8 $_57-5

I was lucky enough to get the Deluxe illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone for £80 on Book Depository, when it arrived two days later, two weeks prior to release. I immediately went to purchase another but had risen in price to £135. However on Amazon under other sellers book depository are still selling for £80, probably an error. So get in there quick!!

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone Deluxe £80 from Book Depository via Amazon!!

My video revealing what you get inside the Deluxe edition.

I have previewed my next signed collection I will have available for sale and what a collection it is. The Unhewn throne, all matching numbers from only 100 exclusive editions released it will be priced at £350, they look great on the shelf and are truly brilliant example of epic fantasy. Please enquire if you are interested, they should be ready by April.

View in my store

 Providence of Fire by Brian Staveley2014-10-15 10.34.4120141015_103236

Don’t forget to check out free items i am offering, books needing a home, only postage is required, there may occasionally be cds and other bits pop up.

I recently attended a Harper Voyager focus group on Peter V Brett in the news building next to the Shard (very posh), they asked if I would like to request a book, so I requested the gold ARC of Half a War by Joe Abercrombie and they had it there waiting for me. So I now have the complete set of ARCs for The Shattered Sea series. First two are signed and I can eventually read Half a War.


As I have mentioned previously it’s quite tough to keep a blog updated especially when specialising in the fantasy book world, it is such a vast topic which I could discuss and post forever. However there is also a reality, my children, caring for disabled parents, getting a house built, OU degree assignments and actually reading the books, which I need to commit more time for.

I feel it appropriate to use this site for my store (which has done fantastic, thank you customers, please leave feedback for your purchases it really helps others feel more confident buying from an independent site.) and book collecting news, talk, pre-orders etc etc and to use for reviews as they fit into a blog community nicely. That way I do not need to repeat posts over 2 pages which can be quite time consuming.

  • Please send me your reviews, I will post them credited to your name and share on social media. I will also add some appropriate pics and links. the input i’ve had so far has been great including responses and retweets from the authors themselves, which is cool.
  • If you have news of some special editions coming up in the fantasy, horror and sci-fi genre, share with me and I can share with others. 
  • Please share your own rare copies of fantasy books with me, it’s great to hear from other collectors with the same enthusiasm.
  • If you have any rare fantasy books that you are considering selling contact me, I will happily value items as I know all the relevant places to search. I aim to sell top quality genuine items cheaper than eBay, AbeBooks and other site with clarity giving all the information and pictures needed to give the buyer confidence they know what they are getting, with no ted smartass trickery.

Lots of products to be added to store soon as well as more updates of pre-orders. Sign up to my emails to keep updated!!

Please visit my store for examples.

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