The Skull Throne – Peter V. Brett

admin-ajax.php-4.jpegI love this series and really cannot wait for the final book. In fact this the best book in the series so far…Controversial?

I think after The Warded/Painted man, people were expecting Arlen to be the one and only protagonist throughout the series, which is understandable he is a fantastically built character, but Brett has plenty more to offer and this is cemented firmly in The Skull Throne, that gave me so much. I read it twice. If I were to criticise Brett in anyway it was that The Desert Spear should have been book 1 (obviously written differently.) as Book 1 is brilliant, even as a standalone but I feel TDS & TDW ventures into a very different direction and environment to TPM, this may have eliminated some moaners early on.

Admittedly I struggled with Book 3 I could have strangled Renna by the end, but now she is one of my favourite characters and I have the upmost respect for her, she may be stubborn but she is strong and devoted to doing best by The Painted Man. Arlen also seems comforted and more relaxed by Renna’s side with their uncomplicated relationship, though he still knows who wears the trousers or Bido in their relationship.

Everam’s Beard, Everam’s Balls.


We all love a good soap? Right?


Good… This is a soap opera for Epic fantasy readers. I feel this is considerate of Brett, after all Epic fantasy readers don’t get time to watch TV as we always seem to be glued to an 800 page tome when were not moaning about Game of Thrones.

What really makes the Demon Cycle have such an impact for me is Brett’s promotion of ethnic diversity within his writing, unifying fantasy readers from all over the world. I know books are translated but his work is admirably multicultural, inoffensive and elegantly written.

Unfortunately within our society, multiculturalism has many struggles which Brett thoughtfully addresses such as racism, religion, war and miscegenation. And of course there are bloody demons everywhere.

The Skull Throne (Demon Cycle #4) by Peter V. Brett Published by HarperVoyager

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Krasian Dictionary



A bit about the author – Peter went to the University at Buffalo, where he studied Dungeons & Dragons, fencing, and girls. Somehow, he also managed to earn a (totally useful!) Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in Art History in 1995.

Following college, Peter spent approximately 8 months managing a comic shop and pondering what to do with his life. He then went into medical publishing, squandering ten years of his physical prime sitting in a cubicle. He contented himself with writing books he never hoped to sell.

In June of 2007, his hard work and perseverance paid off, as he sold his 4th novel, THE PAINTED MAN, and in October of 2007, he left his day job to pursue writing full time.
He lives in Brooklyn NY with his wife Dani and two cats, Jinx and Max Powers.

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