Fantasy Pre-Orders Patrick Rothfuss, Anthony Ryan and Joe Hill

Wow its felt like so long since I have been able to post. Currently living out of boxes whilst our room is being built. Good news is Uni assignments are done until after summer and the bookshelves should be stunning.
Just a few hot pre-orders that fantasy fans may wish to know about:

The Waking Fire by Anthony Ryan
Signed, stamped and numbered x250


After such an impressive first trilogy completed with Raven’s Shadow, I cannot wait to read more of his epic fantasy. A very powerful and impressive cover to match makes, it’s a book I have high expectations for. Available Signed, Stamped & Numbered x250 Goldsboro books, released 11/7/16. Price £24.99. I still have Raven’s Shadow series up for sale, very rare matching numbered set of a low 100.

A Kingkiller Chronicle Game


Okay, its not Day 3. But I do love a bit of Kingkiller merch. Take the game Kvothe plays with Bredon in The Wise Man’s fear. Great memento if you’re a fan. Join the kickstarter campaign where new bits are added every day. Prepare to be poor. Tak – Kickstarter Campaign Ends 20/5/16 Price $25-$550. After finally getting my hands on the original UK hardcover, I have added my beautiful Large First Edition Paperback released alongside the hardcover from 2007 with very rare quote.

NoS4a2 – Joe Hill


Or as we say in the UK NoS 4r2!! I love this and do not even own one myself but I am very tempted, one of my favourite books over the last few years. I have UK copy signed & all the wraith comics individually signed but think this looks the business from PS Publishing £95 (999 signed and numbered hardcover copies, each with an original small sketch by the artist and packaged in a hand-built slipcase) Plus they have some other great Hill books as well as a special ed of The Fireman coming soon, which I am currently finding very hard to put down.


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