Last year was a particularly tough year for myself & my family. We sold our house to move so we can care for my partner’s disabled parents. However the project manager made a complete hash of it & took and spent all our money before it was finished, as well as a majority of the work being crap. I took on a  few of the projects myself & we are just about there now, although we will always be living in something more like the Weasleys Burrow since the guy had clearly never heard of a spirit level.

Furthermore I got diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, OCD, possible ADHD & FAS on top of depression and degenerative disc disease in my lower back.

I am in my first year of a degree on English Literature & Creativity with the OU & thoroughly enjoying the course. Unfortunately I am left with less time to review many of the books I read. Therefore have decided to turn this space into somewhere that I can be myself a little more, relax, reflect and hopefully still review. 

I do apologise if old links no longer work, some have been removed as well as has most of my site,which will disappear when lease runs out. Be careful if you open one, someone managed to hack through the security plugins, exterminated him quick enough though.

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