So after exterminating all the spammers & hackers from the world of I am finally managing to close my website and export posts/pics etc after several hundred google searches. The simple things in life always seem to be so complicated. But I feel much happier with my dot blog address.

This morning, I submitted my OU essay on Irish independence & heritage. Very interesting, particularly enjoyed poetry by WB Yeats. I was very confused when first reading about him until I noticed I had put Keats (thats another kettle of fish altogether). I do not envy the Irish though, seems a mighty shame that it suffers so much conflict, when it has such a fascinating history and beautiful locations. I would definitely love to visit some of heritage sites. The Hills of Tara look magical, would be a great place to get some fantasy writing inspiration.

Talking of fantasy writing, I am hoping to get a few books in before next essay deadline which is about the Bronzes of Benin, who I have never heard of. I am just over half- way through ‘The Ninth Rain’ by the fabulous Jen Williams, I am thoroughly enjoying it and hope to review when done. I am also listening to ‘Doctor Who – Engines of War’ by George Mann (The Time Wars gap). When my poor eyes can no longer take writing I am reading ‘The Walking Dead Omnibus’ which is really good. I know the show is dragging its heels but … a discussion i’ll save for my review. With my partner Zoe we just started reading ‘The Bear and the Nightingale’ by Katherine Arden, based on Russian Fairy Tales, the first chapter was very good. With the kids I am reading the BFG, after we went to see the movie, I forgot what an amazing book it was. Hopefully some mini reviews to come soon.

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