Just a few words are for you so easy to say
but they cripple me and destroy my day
All the wrong in the world you can accuse me
by saying it’s you in the wrong, that you abuse me

I try finding a path untarnished and unobstructed
but I’m faced with a labyrinth, every end is dead
every road is winding, me up, messing with my head
Trapped, there is nowhere to go, I give in, self-destructed

I collapse, every vein injected with anxiety
no longer able to face society
behind my mask, the only place to hide
My heart and my soul have committed suicide

Over a week  of Ups and Downs, mainly downs. Eaten away by Physical & Emotional pain. Pills. Arguments & Stress in the home. Genuinely feeling suicidal. My words have changed shape many times whilst I have been low or angry or frustrated or just numb. Chronic pain, plus OCD & Aspergers can be a real killer of a combination, mainly this is because my mental pain needs me to constantly be active, sorting things and moving things and leaving no job left undone, whilst my physical pain needs me to stop and relax, they are always at conflict at war tugging me one way to the next.

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