My Collection of Rare & Signed Fantasy Books

My books are UK editions unless stated otherwise. I used to have links for all with pics & info but its fairly time consuming. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 

I built a bookshelf for my collection but as it is on the stairs I cannot get a good pic of it so I had to make a mosaic.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 14.15.36

Abrams, J.J.
S (1st, Slipcase)

Abercrombie, Joe
Red Country (1st,HC)

The Heroes (Signed, 1st, HC)
Half a King (ARC, Signed, Lined)
Half the World (Signed, ARC)
Half a War (ARC)

Alder, Mark
Son of the Morning (First Edition, Signed, Lined, Dated)
Son of the Morning US Hardcover
Pre-order – Son of the Night (10th May 2018)

Anderson, Gillian
Earthend Saga
A Vision of Fire (SE, Signed, Numbered x500, HC) #1
A Dream of Ice (1st, HC) #2

The Sound of Seas (1st, HC) #3

Bee, Ishbelle
The Singular & Extraordinary Tale of Mirror & Goliath (Signed, 1st)

The Contrary Tale of The Butterfly Girl (Signed, 1st)

Beukes, Lauren
The Shining Girls (Signed, 1st, HC)

Broken Monsters (Signed, 1st, HC)

Beaulieu, Bradley
Twelve Kings (Signed, Numbered x100, 1st, HC)

Blood upon the Sand (1st)
Of Sand and Malice Made (1st, Signed, HC)

Black, Holly
White Cat (1st, HC)

Brett, Peter V
The Demon Cycle
The Painted Man (Signed, 1st, HC) #1

The Desert Spear (Signed, 1st, HC) #2
The Daylight War (Signed, 1st, HC) #3
The Skull Throne (Signed Stamped (jardir) Numbered x25, 1st, HC) #4

Carroll, Lewis
Alice Adventures in Wonderland and Other Stories, (SE, HC)

Cornwell, Bernard
The Warlord Chronicles
The Winter King (1st, HC) #1

Enemy of God (1st, HC) #2
Excalibur (1st, HC) #3
The Grail Quest
Harlequin (1st, HC) #1

Vagabond (1st HC) #2
Heretic (1st HC) #3
The Last Kingdom, formerly The Warrior Chronicles
The Last Kingdom (1st HC) #1
The Pale Horseman (1st HC) #2
The Lords of the North (1st HC Signed) #3
Sword Song (1st HC Signed) #4
The Burning Land (1st HC Signed) #5
Death of Kings (1st HC Signed) #6
The Pagan Lord (1st HC Signed) #7
The Empty Throne (1st HC Signed) #8
Warriors of the Storm (1st HC Signed) #9


Cox, Edward
The Relic Guild (Signed, Numbered x100, 1st, HC)
Cathedral of Known Things (Signed, 1st)

The Watcher of Dead Time (Signed, 1st)


Dahl, Roald
Matilda (1st, HC)

Dale, Anna
Whispering to Witches (Signed, 1st, HC)

De Jager, Liz
Banished (ARC, Signed, Dedicated)

Vowed (Signed, Dedicated, 1st)
Judged (Signed, 1st)

Dennard, Susan
Truthwitch (1st, HC)

Duchovny, David
Holy Cow (Signed, 1st, HC)

Dunnant, Sarah
Blood & Beauty (Signed, 1st, HC)   

Feist, Raymond E
Magician (Signed, Voyager Classics Cloth, First Edition)

Magicians End (Signed, 1st, HC)

Filer, Nathan
The Shock of the Fall (1st, HC)

Fletcher, Charlie
The Oversight (Signed, 1st, HC)

The Paradox (Signed & Lined, HC)

Gaiman, Neil
Anansi Boys (Signed, 1st, Limited x1500, Slipcase)

Fortunately the Milk (Double Signed, Numbered 292/500, 1st, HC)
Coraline (Double Signed, 10th Anniversary Edition, Slipcase, Numbered 1333/2250, HC)
Ocean at the End of the Lane (Signed, Slipcase, Numbered x250, SE)
Neverwhere/Stardust/Smoke & Mirrors Omnibus Edition (BCA, HC)
Neverwhere (10th Anniversary Edition, Double Signed, 1st, HC)

The Graveyard book (Graphic Novel)
Norse Mythology (Signed, 1st, HC)

Harkness, Deborah
All Souls Trilogy
Discovery of Witches (Signed,1st, HC)
Shadow of Night (Signed, 1st, HC)
The Book of Life (Signed, 1st, HC)

Hill, Joe
Horns (Signed, Doodled,1st, HC)

Nos 4r2 (Signed, Doodled,1st, HC)
Heart Shaped Box (Signed, 1st, HC)
Locke & Key Complete Graphic Novel Collection in Slipcase (Signed)
21st Century Ghosts (Signed, Doodled)
21st Century Ghosts (PS Publishing 10th Anniversary Slipcase)
The Fireman (PS Publishing, Signed, Slipcase, Numbered)

Hobb, Robin
Assassins Apprentice (20th Anniversary Slipcase Edition, Cloth Cover, Signed)

Horner-Jacobs, John
The Incorruptibles (Signed, Numbered, First Edition, Black Edges)

Horowitz, Anthony
House of Silk (Signed, 1st, HC)

Moriarty (1st, HC)

Hounsom, Lucy
Starborn, (Signed, Numbered, 1st, HC)

Iggulden, Conn
The Conquerer Series

Wolf of the Plains (1st HC)#1
Lords of the Bow (1st Signed HC)#2
Empire of Silver (1st HC)#4
Conquerer (1st Signed HC)#5
The Emperor Series
The Death of Kings (1st Signed HC)#2
The Field of Swords (1st Signed HC)#3
The Gods of War (1st HC)#4
Wars of the Roses
Stormbird (Signed, 1st, HC)#1

Trinity (Signed, 1st, HC)#2
Bloodline (Signed, Stamped & numbered x25, 1st, HC)#3
Ravenspur (Signed, 1s, HC)#4

Jeter K.W.
Infernal Devices (Special Edition HC x100, Signed)

Johansen, Erika
Queen of the Tearling, (Sprayed Red Edges, 1st, HC)

Johnstone, Ian
The Bell Between Worlds, (1st, HC, Signed, Lined, Dated)
Circles of Stone (1st, Signed, Lined, Personally sent & Dedicated)

Jordan, Robert
Crown of Swords (1st HC)

The Path of Daggers (1st, HC)
Winters Heart (1st HC)
Crossroads of Twilight (1st HC)
Knife of Dreams (1st HC)
A Gathering of Storm (1st HC)
Towers of Midnight (1st, Facsimile Signed, Hardcover)
Memory of Light (1st HC, Facsimile Signed)
(Collecting as I find them, hoping to read when I retire : )

King, Stephen
The Stand, First Complete and Uncut Edition, (1st, Hardcover)

The Tommyknockers (1st, HC)
Revival (1st, HC)
Joyland – Illustrated edition (1st, Hardcover)
Insomnia (1st, Facsimile Signed, Slipcase)
-as Richard Bachman
The Regulators
-as Beryl Evans
Charlie the Choo Choo (1st, Slipcase, Signed Print by Stephen King as Beryl Evans)

Kristoff, Jay
Nevernight (ARC) My book of 2016 by male author 

Nevernight (Signed and Numbered x 250, Sprayed Edges)

Maitland, Karen
The Vanishing Witch, (Signed, Numbered, First Edition, Hardcover) 

Mantel, Hilary
Wolf Hall, (1st/2nd, HC)

Bring up the Bodies, (Signed, SE, Slipcase)

Marshall, Alex (pyseudonym)
A Crown for Cold Silver (1st, Signed, Unknown Pseudonym, HC)

A Blade of Black Steel (1st, Signed, Unknown pseudonym,HC) 

Martin, George RR

Mitchell, David
The Bones Clocks (1st, HC, Limited Ed, Blue edges)

McClellan, Brian
The Powder Mage Trilogy
Promise of Blood (Signed, First Edition, Hardcover)
The Crimson Campaign (Signed, First Edition, Hardcover)
The Autumn Republic (Signed, First Edition, Hardcover)

O’Malley, Daniel
The Rook (1st, HC)

Paolini, Christopher
Eragon (1st, HC)

Eldest (Deluxe, 1st, HC)
Brisinger (1st, HC)

Pinborough, Sarah

Poe, Edgar Allen
The Complete Tales and Poems of, Special Edition, Hardcover

Pratchett, Sir Terry


Pulley, Natasha
The Watchmaker of Filigree Street (1st, HC, Signed, Numbered & Business Card)

Ramsey, Gordon
Playing with Fire. (Signed, First Edition, Hardcover)

Rice, James
Alice and the Fly. (Signed, 1st, Numbered, Sprayed Edges, HC)

Riddell, Chris
Ottoline and the Yellow Cat. (ARC, Signed, HC)

Ottoline goes to School. (1st, HC)
Ottoline at Sea. (Signed, 1st, HC)
Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse, (Signed, 1st, HC, Purple Edges)
Goth Girl and the Fate Worse than Death (1st, HC, Red Edges)
Goth Girl and the Wuthering Fright (1st, HC, Blue Edges)
Fortunately the Milk, (Double Signed, Numbered 292/500, 1st, HC)

Riordan, Rick
Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer (Signed, 1st, HC)

Roberts, Andrew
Napoleon the Great, (Signed, 1st, HC)

Robinson, Kim Stanley
Blue Mars (1st, HC)

Rothfuss, Patrick

Rouaud, Antoine
The Path of Anger, (Signed, Numbered, First Edition, Hardcover)

Ryan, Anthony
Raven’s Shadow
Blood Song (Signed, Stamped, Numbered x100, 1st, HC)
Tower Lord (Signed, Stamped, Numbered x100, 1st, HC)
Queen of Fire (Signed, Stamped, Numbered x100, 1st, HC)
The Waking Fire (ARC Personally Signed)
The Waking Fire (Signed, Stamped & Numbered x250)

Rowling, J.K.
Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (HC, Bloomsbury early Print)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (HC, Bloomsbury early Print)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (HC, Bloomsbury early Print)
Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban (1st/1st, 2nd state *HC) 3x First Editions of PoA were published. 1st state, the rarest with a printing error on the first page/2nd state, less common with no adverts in the back/3rd state, most common with adverts at the back.) More on HP First Editions at the bottom of this page.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (1st/1st, HC)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix (1st/1st, HC)
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (1st/1st, HC)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (1st/1st, HC)
The Hogwarts Library, Boxset, (First Edition inc Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find them)
Harry Potter Trunk: Complete Collection (US, HC)
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (1st, Slipcase, HC)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (1st, Slipcase, HC)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (1st, Slipcase, HC)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (1st, Slipcase, HC)
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: Deluxe Illustrated Slipcase Edition (Deluxe Edition) (1st, Slipcase, Gold Edges, HC)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Deluxe Illustrated Slipcase Edition (Deluxe Edition) (1st, Slipcase, Gold Edges, HC)
Harry Potter & the Cursed Child (1st, Exclusive Stamp)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them – Script (1st, HC)
Most of the Harry Potter POP! Vinyl, Lego, Signed Programme from the play etc etc!


Sanderson, Brandon
The Way of Kings, (Signed, First Edition, Hardcover)

Words of Radience, (Signed, First Edition, Hardcover)
The Alloy of Law, (Signed, 1st, HC)
Shadows of Self (Signed, 1st, HC)
Steelheart (Signed, Numbered, 1st, HC)
Firefight (Signed, Numbered, 1st, HC)
Calamity (Signed, Numbered, 1st, HC)
Legion (Signed, 1st, HC)
Legion: Skin Deep (Signed, 1st, HC)
Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians
The Scrivener’s Bones
The Knights of Crystallia
The Shattered Lens
The Dark Talent

(1st UK Hardcovers 2015)

Schwab, V.E.
A Darker Shade of Magic

A Darker Shade of Magic (First US Hardcover, Signed) My book of the year 2015 by a female author.
A Gathering of Shadows (First US Hardcover, Signed)
A Conjuring of Light (First US Hardcover)
Limited Edition Art Cards

Selznick, Brian
The Invention of Hugo Cabret, (Signed, HC)

Wonderstruck (Signed, 1st, HC)
The Marvels (Signed, 1st, HC, exclusive map)

Shannon, Samantha

Small, Anna
The Chimes

Staveley, Brian
The Emperors Blades, (Signed, Numbered x100, First Edition, Hardcover) My book of the year 2015 by a male author

The Providence of Fire, (Signed, Numbered x100, First Edition, Hardcover)
The Last Mortal Bond (Signed, Numberd x100, 1st, HC)

Tchaikovsky, Adrian
Guns of Dawn (Signed, 1st, HC)

Tolkien, JRR
Tales from the Perilous Realm, (Slipcase, Signed by Alan Lee, Hardcover)

The Fall of Arthur, (Slipcase, Hardcover)
The Children of Hurin, (Slipcase, Hardcover)
The Silmarilion, (Slipcase, Hardcover)
The Hobbit, (Signed by illustrator, Hardcover)
The Hobbit (75th Anniversary, Collectors edition, HC)
The Lord of the Rings (50th Anniversary, Hardcover)


Walliams, David
The Boy in the Dress, (Signed, Dedicated to son, First Edition,

Mr Stink, (1st, HC)
Gangsta Granny (Signed, Second Edition, Hardcover)
Awful Auntie (Double Signed by DW & Tony Hart, First Edition, Hardcover)
Grandpa’s Great Escape (1st, HC)

Welford, Ross
Time Travelling with a Hamster (1st, Signed)

Williams, Jen
The Copper Promise, (First Edition, Signed, Doodled)

The Iron Ghost, (First Edition, Signed, Doodled)
The Silver Tide (1st)
The Ninth Rain (ARC)

Yates, Christopher
Black Chalk, (Signed, First Edition, Hardcover)


Collecting Blurb & Tips-

A First Edition is usually determined by a numberline, this can be a totally random set of numbers but the edition is actually the lowest shown, So if there is a 1 in the numberline this is a First Edition. Sometimes there is just a single number (HarperCollins) that is the Edition, so a single ‘2’ is a Second Edition and this rule generally applies when looking for a book.

Unless the book is quite rare and had lots of print runs, then we get a bit more fussy foe e.g. ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.’ The original hardcover run of that book is known as a first edition, So if the lowest number in the line is a 12. People would often describe as First Edition, Twelfth Print. Please don’t fall for any Ted Smart HPs despite how the seller describes them. If you see any of the first three HP books on eBay and you think they are too good to be true, that is because they are. There will always be something in the small print, that devalues it. These sellers know it and try and con you. To check for genuine Potter Editions check ‘Catch the Snitch,’ After Prisoner of Azkaban and the world was HP mad, Bloomsbury just had a simple ‘First Edition’ at the front. There were lots and lots of these. Goblet of Fire’s value has slightly increased for a First Hardback in Very Good condition, but unlikely to be more than £30. I love HP but unfortunately I wasn’t really collecting when the books came out, so my first three books are hardback ‘First Editions’ but not particularly low. Me and my partner do have most of the HP lego sets, which are very collectible and very cool.

I very rarely buy anything unless it is a First Edition, as if looked after it will usually hold most of the value you paid for it. I also steer clear of any Book Club Editions (except for a really good Neil Gaiman Compendium I have) or other editions that are not directly from the publisher as they are generally worthless.

Unless you can prove the book was in fact signed by the author, then there is always possibility the signature is not genuine. Collectors and buyers tend to have an eye for these things, although in some rare cases it just cannot be proved either way. For my own piece of mind I would usually by the book unsigned and look to get it signed by the author when they make an appearance in the UK, which is also great as you get to meet them in person. Other options include buying from a known dealer, if on eBay, check the feedback, maybe look for items you know are genuine as they have the sticker on the front or it is a numbered edition. The best advice is stick to the genre you love, familiarise yourself with those authors, follow their blogs and on twitter, learn what to look out for.

If you want to find books that are rare and valuable, it is always going to be risky. Ive had 2 issues of possible forgeries, luckily I didn’t lose any money on either of them. A Signed and Doodled Dr Seuss book which I believed to be a gem, I was directed to a famous prestigious bookstore who was not at all impressed. I still have no idea whether there was any problem with it, someone in the US bought it from me, where it can be identified. I made them fully aware of what I had been told. The other a Signed copy of American Psycho UK First Edition Hardcover, I had it checked by 2 dealers who were not overly convinced by the Signature, the seller refunded me when I mentioned this.


4 thoughts on “My Collection of Rare & Signed Fantasy Books

  1. I’ve been searching high and low for a firat print of A Darker Shade of Magic (US hardcover), and the Merits of Unnaturalness. Even if not signed… do you have a copy I can buy?


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