Discworld Collection

The first 21 Discworld novels are the Gollancz Discworld Hardback Collector’s Library Editions. These are the books that were published before Pratchett’s publisher changed to Doubleday. These editions are still available now on Amazon at £7-9 (as of March 2015)

The reason I went for these editions is firstly the art by Joe McClaren gives them a real contemporary feel and is right up my street, every cover is stunning. Of course Josh Kirby’s covers are the face of a disc world generation and are fantastic. But I also had to be realistic, I would have never managed to collect the original First Editions of all original 21 Discworld novels without devoting all my time and money into them. I did have a few of them, which I sold to fund this whole beautiful collection which just look stunning on the bookshelf. You can read these in any order these were just the date were released, I like reading them in the collections, this way you get a real feel for the lead characters and can follow their particular storylines closely. I have read the first 21 books, Mort is my favourite.

  1. The Colour of Magic, 1983, The Unseen University Collection
  2. The Light Fantastic, 1986,The Unseen University Collection
  3. Equal Rites, 1987, The Witches Collection
  4. Mort, 1987, The Death Collection
  5. Sourcery, 1988,The Unseen University Collection
  6. Wyrd Sisters, 1988, The Witches Collection
  7. Pyramids, 1989, The Cultures of Discworld Collection
  8. Guards! Guards!, 1989, The City Watch Collection
  9. Eric, 1990,The Unseen University Collection
  10. Moving Pictures, 1990,The Unseen University Collection
  11. Reaper Man, 1991,The Death Collection
  12. Witches Abroad, 1991, The Witches Collection
  13. Small Gods, 1992,The Cultures of Discworld Collection
  14. Lords and Ladies, 1992, The Witches Collection
  15. Men at Arms, 1993,The City Watch Collection
  16. Soul Music, 1994,The Death Collection
  17. Interesting Times, 1994,The Unseen University Collection
  18. Masquerade, 1995, The Witches Collection
  19. Feet of Clay, 1996,The City Watch Collection
  20. Hogfather, 1996,The Death Collection
  21. Jingo, 1997,The City Watch Collection

The further 19 Discworld books were published by Doubleday. These I do collect the First Editions of which of course are a lot less scarce. The only signed book I have is the illustrated copy of the Wee Free Men which I found in a charity shop for £1.50. I also have a signed copy of ‘Dodger’ one of Terrys’ books not set in Discworld. This contains the hologram which has been added to signature over the last few years because of the progression of Terrys’ Alzheimers. I have only read The Truth, The Wee Free Men and Snuff so far.

  1. The Last Continent, 1998, Rincewind
  2. Carpe Jugulum, 1998, Witches
  3. The Fifth Elephant, 1999, The City Watch
  4. The Truth, 2000, The City Watch & a bit of everything
  5. Thief of Time, 2001, Death, Susan
  6. The Last Hero, 2001, Rincewind, The City Watch
  7. The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents, 2001, YA
  8. Night Watch, 2002, The City Watch
  9. The Wee Free Men, 2003,Witches, Tiffany Aching
  10. Monstrous Regiment, 2003, Discworld Cultures
  11. A Hat Full of Sky, 2004, Witches, Tiffany Aching, YA
  12. Going Postal, 2004, Post Office
  13. Thud!, 2005, The City Watch
  14. Wintersmith, 2006, Witches, Tiffany Aching, YA
  15. Making Money, 2007, Post Office
  16. Unseen Academicals, 2009, Rincewind
  17. I Shall Wear Midnight, 2010, Witches, Tiffany Aching, YA
  18. Snuff, 2011, City Watch, The City Watch
  19. Raising Steam, 2013, Post Office, The City Watch
  20. The Shepherd’s Crown, September 2015, Tiffany Aching

The Shepherd’s Crown will be the last Discworld novel written by Terry after his very sad death in march 2015 due to his ’embuggerance.’

His Twitter account finally read.


Terry took Death’s arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night.

The End.

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