Half a King, (ARC, Signed, Lined)
Half the World, (ARC)

Desperately seeking Half a War ARC, if you have one to sell, please could you contact me admin@thefantasybookcollector.com

Other Works

The First Law, The Blade Itself (2006), Before They Are Hanged (2007), Last Argument of Kings (2008)

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Best Served Cold (2009)‪ The Heroes (2011)‪ Red Country (2012)‪ Best Served Cold (2009)‪ The Heroes (2011)‪ Red Country (2012)

The Fool Jobs – (Swords & Dark Magic compilation, 2010) and features Curnden Craw and his dozen in events prior to The Heroes.

Yesterday, Near A Village Called Barden – appeared as an extra in the Waterstones hardcover version of The Heroes and focuses on Bremer dan Gorst on campaign prior to The Heroes.

Freedom! – appeared as an extra in the Waterstones hardcover version of Red Country and focuses on the liberation of the town of Averstock by the Company of the Gracious Hand.

Skipping Town – appeared in the Legends: Stories in Honour of David Gemmell anthology (published November 2013) and features the couple pairing of Shev and Javre, Lioness of Hoskopp.

Some Desperado – appeared in the Dangerous Women anthology (published December 2013) and features Shy South on the run during her outlaw days before Red Country. Nominated for a 2014 Locus Award.

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Tough Times All Over – appeared in the Rogues anthology (June 2014) and follows courier Carcolf and the circuitous route one of her packages takes through the city of Sipani.


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31eiibRkNxL._UX250_A bit about the author: UK fantasy writer Joe Abercrombie is the author of the First Law Trilogy: The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanged and Last Argument of Kings, as well as the standalone fantasy Best Served Cold.

Joe now lives in Bath with his wife, Lou, and his daughters Grace and Eve. He still occasionally edits concerts and music festivals for TV, but spends most of his time writing edgy yet humorous fantasy novels. http://www.joeabercrombie.com @LordGrimdark

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