Sarah PinboroughLatest News – Pinborough’s twisty psychological thriller culminates with a plot twist worthy of the publisher’s #WTFthatending hashtag hits Sunday Times #1 Bestseller. Fantastic achievement by one of my favourite authors.

In my Collection-
Murder (Signed, 1st, HC)
Mayhem, (Signed & Dedicated, 1st, HC & sent from Miss Pinborough herself!!)
The Death House, (Signed, 1st, HC)
Charm, (Signed & Dedicated, 1st, HC)
Poison, (ARC, Signed, Dedicate)d
Language of the Dying (Signed & Dedicated, 1st, HC)
Behind her Eyes (Signed, Numbered, 1st, HC)

Other Works –
The Hidden (2004)
The Reckoning (2005)
Breeding Ground (2006)
The Taken (2007)
Tower Hill (2008)
Feeding Ground (2009)






-Torchwood- (Anagram of Doctor Who)
Into the Silence (Torchwood) (2009)
The story Kaleidoscope in Consequences (Torchwood) (2009)Torchwood: Long Time Dead (2011)

-The Dog-Faced Gods series
A Matter of Blood (2010)
The Shadow of the Soul (2011)
The Chosen Seed (2012)

-The Fairy Tale Series
Beauty (October 2013)

-The Nowhere Chronicles as Sarah Silverwood
The Double-edged Sword (2010)
The Traitor’s Gate (2011)
The London Stone (2012)

A little bit about the author – 
Sarah Pinborough was born in 1972 in Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire, where her family still have their home. She spent much of her childhood and adulthood travelling all over the world – her father, now retired, was a diplomat and so her early years were spent roaming the Middle East before, at eight years old, she packed her trunk and headed off to boarding school for a ten-year stretch, the memories of which she says still provide her with much of her material for horror writing . . .

She now lives about five miles from where she was born, with her cats, Mr Fing and Peter. She is a member of the British Fantasy Society, The Horror Writers’ Association and, along with fellow horror authors Sarah Langan, Alex Sokoloff and Deborah LeBlanc, is part of the writing collective known as MUSE.

Although best known as a horror writer, with a number of published novels already under her belt, Sarah has begun to also write supernatural thriller novels, and is branching out into YA, under a pseudonym. A Matter of Blood is her debut novel on the Gollancz list: a dark, compelling psychological thriller with a touch of the supernatural, a must-read for all Steve Mosby fans.

Her influences include Stephen King, Clive Barker, Graham Joyce, Michael Marshall (Smith), John Wyndham, Dean Koontz and Madonna . . . and she admits that she really doesn’t know what people who don’t write do with their time. Housework, probably.


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