Son of the Morning by Mark Alder

Son of the Morning by Mark Alder.

Published by Gollancz 17/4/14.

731 pages.

ISBN 978-0575-11515-6

Signed, Lined “The torchlight flickered against the ruins of the church” Pre-Publication Dated 10/4/14, First Edition, Large Paperback (no hardcover released.) Purchased from AbeBooks £18.

An unsigned first edition is available from AbeBooks for £25

[amazon asin=0575115165&template=iframe image][amazon asin=B00FLY3T1W&template=iframe image]

Edward the Third stands in the burnt ruin of an English church. He is beset on all sides. He needs a victory against the French to rescue his Kingship. Or he will die trying. Philip of Valois can put 50,000 men in the field. He has sent his priests to summon the very Angels themselves to fight for France. Edward could call on God for aid but he is an usurper. What if God truly is on the side of the French? But for a price, Edward could open the gates of Hell and take an unholy war to France …Mark Alder has brought the epic fantasy of George R.R. Martin to the vivid historical adventure of Bernard Cornwell and has a created a fantasy that will sweep you to a new vision of the Hundred Years War.

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